Where are you coming to? "a little bit of heaven"


Our guesthouse “A Little bit of Heaven” named after the wonderful milieu that surrounds you as soon as you arrive. You can’t get enough of its spectacular view as you sit at the foot of the cellar, sipping fine local wines and listening as deers peek in to greet you.

It is located at the confluence of the Kis-Les-Hegy-dűlő, Balatonudvari -Vászoly and Dörgicse golden triangles. The view is astonishing, as the eastern basin of Lake Balaton is surrounded by the slopes of Világosi Highlands, Balatonfüred, Tihany with the abbey, Sajkodi Bay, the two church towers of Balatonudvari and the horizon of Balatonszemes.

Our two guest houses are located 100 m apart, so we can accommodate even larger groups of friends without having to drive somewhere for a joint program.

Kisleshegy Guesthouse Dörgicse

A 3-room guest house with 6 beds including a communal wine cellar and 2 bathrooms. The garden has a large covered terrace with barbecue facilities and awaits our guests with an 8-person Finnish sauna house.

Kisleshegy Guesthouse Balatonudvari

2-rooms with double gallery, provides comfortable days for 6 adults or many children, with bathtub, fireplace, air conditioning and large terraces. You can park right next to the house.